Since its inception in February 2020 I have spent time building prototypes and testing in the field. The focus has been on ensuring the functionality of keeping snow from accumulating under the skin glue as well as easy of installing the device and application to the ski itself. So far there have been no major changes to the initial design. It works as expected and it is easy to use and light to carry.

original skin sock tail


Early Itterations

The earliest iteration of the device was hand cut and sewn while guiding in Japan. I tested a basic 'sock-looking' sleeve that enclosed the tip of the ski and skin, fastened by a ski strap for tension.


First Sewn Modification

Working with a local equipment repair specialist in Wanaka New Zealand, we fashioned a prototype out of old dry bags and a sewn attachment from the sleeve to the skin. It had a Velcro closure and a heavy gauge vynil.



Tip and Tail sewn integration

The last step was finding a commercial prototype manufacturer in Slat Lake City, Utah. Here we worked to get a complete sewn tip and tail set to be able to test what will become the final product.


Self Installed model

Finally the sleeve itself works well, its light and easy to apply. Functionally it is practical. Now how to get it to the end user in a simple and practical way. Here is the self installed SKin Sock 'Prowler' model attached at home with basic tools using rivets to secure the skin to the sleeve.