SKin Sock "Prowler" Pilot Program

SKin Sock "Prowler" Pilot Program

Ambassadors for the free trial have been chosen and contacted. The small fee for this phase of the trial is just to cover costs. Feel free to comment or provide feedback on the forums page or directly via email but there is no requirement to do so.

Currently the tips only are available. The tails require further development and are going to be a future stage of the process.

Current instalation options available: Self instalation with a set of rivets to apply the device at home (installation video provided);  Ongoing product support, adjustment and modification available.

Please fill out the field with details for your ski and skin type, each SKin Sock is tailored to your particular equipment.

Feel free to get in touch directly with any questions.

  • Disclaimer

    The nature of trialing this product requires modification of your current ski touring ascent equipment. This is undertaken at your own risk and no responsibility will be assumed in the event of mis-application of the device or damage to existing equipment. Please consider carefully becoming involved with this trial and approach with an open mind and understanding of the risks involved.