Current Modifications in Development

Custom Skin tip and tail attachment device

Both Ski and Snowboard compatible


Ski Tip Enclosure

Never get caught out deep in the BC

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Splitboard model

Stay clear of snow-creep


Ski Tip sewn integration

Stay clear of snow-creep

Ski Touring in the Deeps

Setting a track can be hard work, but loosing your skins to 'snow-creep' could mean a long night post-holing to your chest to get out of the Backcountry. When the skis stay submerged in the snowpack on deep days, extra pressure develops between the skin and the ski. If left unchecked this can render the glue of the skin ineffective.

Development of The SKin Sock

The future of ski touring is here

Created in the legendary deep snowpack of South West Hokkaido, the SKin Sock is a method of attaching a touring skin to the tip and tail of a ski or splitboard. It encloses the leading edge of the skin tip and stops the dreaded 'snow-creep' effect of snow working its way in between the ski and the skin, sticking to the glue surface and rendering the skin useless. Once the glue is compromised it is very difficult to recover, in the past an emergency technique was to use strapping tape or insulation tape to attempt to keep the skin aligned on the ski. This is temporary and sometimes ineffective depending on snow conditions. It can be quite a hazardous situation to find yourself stuck deep in the Backcountry without a means of uptracking.


Reviews and Testimonial

Used in the field by professionals.

After using the SKin Sock in deep Northern snowpacks, it seems bizarre that this hasn't been implemented before!

SKin Sock Ambasador

Such a simple, light weight, easy to implement solution to deep skin track setting. I don't see any drawbacks to the system. Simple to use and works great.

Ski Guide Dan Phillips (creator)

When efficiency and speed are important and the day depends on getting up hill and being in position for avalanche control, this system ensures there's no delays.

Ski Patrol

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